With passion for detail and love for materials ...

A simple basis of our philosophy, which however hides a long way to cognition. Cognition of true talent and the value of honest craftsmanship.   

Natureon story

There is a hypothesis that people have an innate tendency to look for a connection with nature. Today, we spend an average of up to 76% of our time indoors. Our goal is to bring the atmosphere of nature more into our life.

Determined to support people's love of nature, we create interiors full of natural materials and organic shapes. We come up with a design based on the beauty that has been flourishing around us for millions of years.

Wood is the world's most widely used material for its excellent properties and aesthetic appeal. It is considered a sustainable resource and we pay maximum attention to the careful and sustainable management of this commodity. We compensate the consumption of processed wood by planting new trees. When we realize that the material we work with grows up more than 100 years, we feel a huge responsibility for the most suitable processing. We want to provide our products with long-term value.

Not only the love of materials, but also the relationship to the craft is extremely important to take care of. We are happy to provide our know-how and production facilities to children's art clubs and others. Working with wood often becomes a lifelong love.

Balance of tradition and technology

Experience from the modern world of IT and state of the art production plants allows us to combine artistic handwork with demanding requirements for quality and machine accuracy.

We listen carefully to master carpenters and together we discuss the innovations and technological procedures that will best lead us to Natureon branded products.

High focus on quality

We believe that only products tightened in detail provide the right and long-lasting joy of the product. Wood, as a living material, is constantly working and a long-term process is required to control it into a specific shape.

Woods are carefully selected and go through drying and storage processes so that the products remain from it constantly and with maximum resistance.

Are you interested in our story?

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