From visualization 
to realization

Fill your interior with positive energy. Wood shaped into natural lines can change the atmosphere of any room into a quiet and inspiring place. Organic design gives the interior an unusual look and becomes an unforgettable experience.

Natureon main focus


Wood and woodcraft

We bring wood from all over the world, as only a wide range of materials provides enough space for the needs of your project. We control technologies, thanks to which we are able to shape wood into organic lines.

2D/3D CNC milling

We have modern CNC technology at our disposal, thanks to which the shaping of solid wood blocks is more accessible than ever before. The thickness of the cut from 0.02 mm to massive cuts to a depth of 24 cm allows us to produce from small decorations through custom furniture to entire interior systems.


The wood species we process are: Winter oak, Summer oak, Red oak, European beech, Ash, Forest pine, European walnut, American walnut, Brazilian rosewood, African mahogany, Fruit trees and more.

Masivní dřevo Buk, 3D CNC frézování dřeva, Organický design, Dřevěný obraz, Wall art
Masivní dřevo Buk, 3D CNC frézování dřeva, Organický design, Dřevěný obraz, Wall art

Moss and installations

We work with whole range of moss types, thanks to which we are able to create not only unique moss products, but also entire moss walls.

We implement moss installations from small projects in the client's home to large-scale implementation of entire hotels, wellness resorts and development projects.

Moss installations are trendy due to their attractive appearance and demonstrable positive effect on the human psyche. By looking at these design products, you can gain positive energy and inspiration, which are benefits that are guaranteed to be appreciated by your colleagues, business partners and customers.

The interior with moss products acquires an exceptional atmosphere and becomes a popular place for moments spent together.

Design a projecting

The unique drawings and shapes that we find in nature are an inexhaustible source of inspiration, which we incept into our products.

When creating an interior, it is most important for us to understand the client's vision. We discuss closely about the use and the desired atmosphere of the space. Based on this, we are able to present the most suitable combination of materials and shapes to fulfill this goal.

Thanks to sophisticated visualization designs, you will experience the fascination of a new project before its implementation.

We create complete project documentation, which is used for accurate processing and successful execution of the order.

New atmosphere in your meeting room

Bring new atmosphere into your meeting room and workspace. You and your colleagues will appreciate many benefits of the moss installations. With the Natureon moss design, you have guaranted easy installation, no maintenance, but maximum effect on your work environment.

Are you interested?

We will likely prepare the price offer and draft of the moss picture with your company logo.