Natureon - set of 3 Moss pictures 30x30

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Find peace and inspiration by viewing the original set of moss pictures. 

The value of this art is a combination of natural materials and honest handcrafts. The solid oak frame will highlight any interior with it´s design.

Winter oak wood processed in the production of our frames deserves the best care. During its grinding, specific procedures are followed in order to achieve a perfectly smooth surface, which is closed with quality natural oils and waxes.

These pictures are filled with premium moss, which is gently collected in the forests of France and Scandinavia. This is mummified moss, which is specially treated to preserve the natural appearance. This moss does not require any maintenance or special care, so you can only enjoy its extraordinary beauty.

  • Outside dimensions: 33x33cm
  • Inside dimensions: 30x30cm
  • Depth of gallery: 7cm 
  • Pieces: 3 
  • Weight: 4,2kg
  • Material: Massive oak wood, moss. 
1,899.00 Kč

Interesting about moss

Moss is one of the oldest plants in the world with an estimated age of 400 million years. Currently, about 10,000 species of mosses are known around the planet. Moss installations create an extraordinary atmosphere in the interior and the sight of them naturally awakens the so-called Biophilia, or the need to connect with nature.

We will help with preferences 

We want Natureon products to be a long-term value for you. We are at your disposal for any consultation. We will advise you, for example on the selection of dimensions and the surface treatment of the frame so that it perfectly complements your interior

Natureon Story

There is a hypothesis that people have an innate tendency to look for a connection with nature. Today, we spend an average of up to 76% of our time indoors. Our goal is to bring the atmosphere of nature more into our life. Thanks to the use of modern technologies, we can shape wood into organic lines that are pleasing to the eye and complement it with surfaces with a wide range of natural mosses and wood.