Natureon – Summo, moss bowl porcelain 25cm

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We introduce the original Summo bowl.

Quality white porcelain belongs to traditional Czech products and in combination with a mossy arrangement it creates a beautiful original design accessory. The moss bowl is a guaranteed liveliness of every conference or dining table, shop window or reception desk.

An element of nature set in elegant white porcelain can evoke the atmosphere of true nature in any interior.

Bowl diameter average: 25.6 cm

Bowl height including moss: 14 cm

Weight: 1.75 kg

980.00 Kč

Interesting about moss

Moss is one of the oldest plants in the world with an estimated age of 400 million years. Currently, about 10,000 species of mosses are known around the planet. Moss installations create an extraordinary atmosphere in the interior and the sight of them naturally awakens the so-called Biophilia, or the need to connect with nature.